Here’s hoping

I keep waiting for something to stick to the current US Administration regarding its whole policy of “Hey, let’s see how bad we can make the situation in the Middle East.”

Here’s an article from The Independent about an FBI translator who has testified that the administration has told some pretty significant lies about the events of September 11, 2001, and what it knew when.

Would it be too much to ask that people start paying attention to this stuff?

3 responses to “Here’s hoping

  1. Yes, it would be too much to ask. The administration has tried its darndest to NOT have anyone sacrifice one bit for this war they started — no draft, minimal killings of American servicemen, etc. Thus, MOST Americans don’t care; and hey, we’re stickin’ it to the horrible Iraqis, and that’s good, right? I blame the media as much as I blame the administration. They MUST REPORT on this stuff, or people will CONTINUE TO NOT CARE!!! Duh!


  2. Yeah, but I don’t see how they aren’t reporting on it. Why aren’t we getting the same level of media overload that we got about Bill Clinton’s BJs?

  3. I think that.. finally?

    The wheels might be coming off the bus.

    No one’s driving it, that’s for sure.

    And thanks for the comment and the link… I’ll link to you, too.

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