Something New

I was reading a little about how Kerry’s fbi file was released, targeting him as a moderate. And yet, the guy the FBI file describes, well, I can just get behind that guy. I would like to see that guy come out berserk a little.

In light of a discussion we had a while back about revolting moms, there is the Mothers Opposing Bush website. There may be some promise there, and they provide links to some good sources of fact. Yay Moms. Boo Bush.

One response to “Something New

  1. I wanted to mention that if I am somehow responsible for another citizen getting their hands into the dirt and growing something tasty, then woo-hoo!

    It’s addictive. A few tomato plants here, a couple pepper plants there, and before you know it’s you’re building treillises and asking neighbors if you can compost their leaves.

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