I’ve Been Out in the Dirt

I’ve been planting and growing things like crazy and it’s already starting to get exciting out there. Lettuce seeds sown a week ago are racing out of the ground and you can almost see them get bigger each day. The cutest little tiny snow pea plants are poking their heads out of the dirt to say hello. Cayenne peppers are getting flowers, and so Scott is a happy camper. Although he’s nervous, because I keep finding pieces of the yard I want to rip up. He left for a couple of hours on mother’s day for grocery shopping and his mom and I found this huge wooden thing that we used to make the vegetable garden bigger. I think I way overplanted the seeds, and I’m definitely going to have to thin things out.

But I just keep looking at it and going "yum" and waking up like a kid on Christmas morning to see what’s grown while I’ve been sleeping.

Soon there will be delicious vegetables to eat.

3 responses to “I’ve Been Out in the Dirt

  1. You will have succeeded (in your evil plan?) when you have no yard, but only garden.

    Don’t forget to plant some flowers. They nourish the soul.

  2. I am actually thinking of turning the entire front yard into a purty flower garden with lilac hedges. (That’s as far as I’ve gotten in planning). The big cherry tree that’s eating our plumbing? Coming down.

  3. Isn’t it grand, practically watching them grow!?

    Tear up the yard. Just go for it. It’s good fun and hard work and great exercise.

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