Photos to Follow, I swear It

I am so excited right now. Stuff is just popping out of the ground like, I don’t know. Something that pops. Popcorn. Or weasels, maybe. I have got lettuce lettuce lettuce. I’m a little bummed, because I got some more lettuce seeds a couple of weeks ago, and now I can’t find them, but they were on sale when I got them, so, I am hopeful I will be able to get some more.

The herbs are doing most excellent growing work, and the strawberries seem to be shooting off little daughters. The peas are, well, peaing. I staked them last night, a little late, and they are glad to have stakes, let me tell you.

I need to thin the heck out of all my root vegetables, except the onions, which, apparently, give off a smell if you thin them, and attract appropriately named oniony bugs. Whose name I can’t remember.

My morning glories, which were quite reluctant to begin with, have finally committed, and are growing round the mailbox.

Cutting up the branches of the cherry tree is going to require commitment on my part, and, little by little, I am getting the branches cut down. They are going to build a nice fence, around which I will grow blue/black and raspberries, and an experimental arbor, which will harbor grapes. It will be a grape harboring arbor. Within the fence will be flowers, because Maggie insists, and I’m looking at how I will do that. Soon there will be no grass at all, and we will have the most delicious yard in the neighborhood.

Nick is currently mocking me for bringing down the cherry tree, but he won’t be, when there is pie.

All roads lead to pie.

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