Smarty Pants

So about 2 months ago we went to the Renaissance Fair up in Central PA. And while there, we saw a production of MacBeth, because I threw a little hissy fit when no one else wanted to go. It was abriged, I think, with a really really abridged encore at the end. Later Charlie was asking me about the witches, and how MacBeth got defeated when the witches said that he couldn’t be defeated by one of woman born, blah blah.

So about a week ago we were giving another kid a ride home from school, and he was talking about what a hard time his mother had giving birth to him. (Kids are weird).

Charlie: Oh. Were ya ripped untimely from your mother’s womb?
Turns out that he was.

One response to “Smarty Pants

  1. Lay on MacBeth, and damned be him that first cries ‘Hold enough’! Gotta love a kid who can reference situationally appropriate Shakespeare. Go Charlie!

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