I am going on and on again about the garden.  It’s already heating up, and the ground is still frozen, which I figured out, this morning, when I ran out to see what was happening in my bare feet.  After I’d been out there about 10 minutes.  While the frost bite was setting in.

Outside, daffodil leaves are poking out, and there are one or two purple poppy anemones that have foliage and one that has a little bud on it.  Last week I had one or two snow crocuses, croci, throwing little dabs of pointilist color in the brown front yard, and today there is exactly one scad.  The periwinkle vinca I planted last year, which I thought was an annual but apparently is not, is starting to bloom a little, although there is a huge footprint in that bed.  I am measuring the feet in my household for removal.  In other news, the strawberries I planted in the fall appear to have survived the winter, as did the garlic and the chives and maybe even the rosemary.  It turns out a lot of the herbs I thought were perennials are actually annuals, which is not quite the treat to find out as it is when you think it is the other way around.

This weekend I’m going to go beg some packing pallets from my local overpriced but friendly garden store, where, if I hang around there a lot and buy something every three months or so, they give me free stuff.  Really.  After Christmas they were having a huge winter sale just at the same time I had a hankering for an amarylis.  So I got the amarylis for I think 75% off, and then I found some paperwhites that I got for 50% off because they came with a very pretty fancy vase and colored rocks.  Then I bought a bunch of discontinued seeds for 50% off and as I was leaving the guy said, "these have to get planted soon, so I’m just going to give em to you" and he gave me a handful of paperwhite bulbs, which I passed on to my mother in law to brighten her winter.  All in all, I think I maybe spent 20 bucks for a big bunch of potential life.

Early March late february meant I could start sowing seeds indoors, and so I did.  Would you like to know what I planted?  I will tell you. Sage, oregano, thai basil & coriander.  Artichokes because I am crazy but what I really want is to grow everything we eat most of the time and Scott is starting to get very nervous because lately I’ve been saying, you know, if I had a grain mill I would never need to buy flour again, as I eye a patch of ground and he says we are not growing wheat.  Coleus, which I don’t really care that much about but Scott keeps saying he wants to plant something besides flowers and I am afraid if I don’t have something to put in certain places we will end up with hostas or ornamental grasses or some sort of bush.  He really likes the bushes.  I really only like them if they bear fruit.  Which, now that I think of it tells you everything you need to know about my politics.

And alyssum, snapdragons, which I think are kind of the cheerfulest of flowers, except I can think of a couple that are equally cheerful, but when I was little I always kind of thought the buds looked like some kind of mouth, which, now that I think of it as an adult, is probably why they call them that.  Sweet peas because I want to be just like Thomas Jefferson.  Impatiens because James Crockett who wrote my favorite gardening books which are just packed with information goes on and on about them, and I am not entirely convinced, but I do love the Crockett so.  Four O’clocks and viola.

Spring has sprung…

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