Just Like he Did So Long Ago in Jericho…

Charlie got his hair cut yesterday.  It’s probably been close to a year since it was last cut, as he was experimenting with hippiedom.  But finally the tangling got to be too much for him.

So he picked a sort of spiky cut, that I think he thinks makes him look like Derek Zoolander, as he is working on some new looks, and he goes around saying things like, "we too can’t not die in freak gasoline fight accidents" and has gone through about a gallon of hair gel since yesterday.

This morning as Scottie & I were waking up, we heard the shower running, and got quite confused, as we were both still in bed, and Carly was deep in REM land.  Scott looked at me and said "Did YOU tell him he had to take a shower?" and I said "No, Did YOU tell him he had to take a shower?"

And then both of our heads exploded from the unexpectedness of it all.


3 responses to “Just Like he Did So Long Ago in Jericho…

  1. Danny wants to know “What is wrong with Charlie? Is he deranged?”

  2. I don’t get it. Joshua fit the battle of Jericho. This is some hymn, isn’t it? I’m a lit major, not a music major, dammit. PLEASE explain this to me, please.

  3. Ana – I dunno WHAT the deal is, really. He may, in fact, be deranged.

    Mags – I Iknow you’re lit major, but sheesh – you’re also a jew aren’t you??? Tradition, my friend. Tradition. Fiddler. Wonder of wonders miracle of miracles. You’re probably not going to be able to be a jew anymore.

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