Coming Home to Roost

Every once in a while, someone has just the child they deserve.

When Kate was little, maybe two or three, I remember scolding her for something (as I was the older sister, and  knew all the rules).  Her reply: "That’s just the way I live my life."  It’s funny how people are who they are who they are who they are.  Were I to pick an epitaph for her, that would be it.

Miss Ella Bella Portabella seems to be cut from the same cloth.  Darling, and in charge.


It appears to be impossible to take a bad picture of Ella.


Like her brother, and, incidentally, her mother, Ella’s language skills appear unstoppable and advanced for her (15 month) age.  By the time we left on Monday, she was saying "Amy", "Scott", and "Charlie" appropriately, and with ease.

Scott and I went by yesterday morning to help Kate with some last minute errands (on accounta she now has zero hands).  When we got there, Ella was at the top of the stairs, and I helped Kate get her other foot into her pjs, and zipped her up while she squirmed into and out of Kate’s lap.  When we came down the stairs she bounced over and said "HI Scott!" before plopping herself into her car seat.

It’s just the way she lives her life.

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