7 Random Things

I got tagged by Embee.  She’s a pain.

1. I just sneezed all over my cell phone.

2. Testosterone baffles me.  My husband and son are shooting at an old squash with a potato gun.  I don’t get it.

3. I like even numbers better than odd numbers.

4. I would die for my family, but I would not kill for them.

5. I think 3-4 year old boys are the most exotic creatures on the planet, but not in a creepy way.

6. I have an extra toenail on the little toe on my left foot.

7. I care more about things than I appear to.


One response to “7 Random Things

  1. “She’s a pain.”????
    Um yeah, we’ll talk about THAT later.

    Extra toenail? You are SO gonna have to show me that!

    And I’m so glad you clarified #5.

    Thanks for playing. Maybe now your familiar with the keyboard again, you’ll do a little blogging?

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