Looks like He’d Vote Republican. (For Margie)

Driving Charlie to the bus this morning, we were talking about the election, and I asked who he’d vote for.

“Whichever one is going to speed up global warming.”  He said.

“So, your main issue is?”

“I’m cold.”


4 responses to “Looks like He’d Vote Republican. (For Margie)

  1. Atta’ Boy!

    I’m sure there’s a Hummer Dealership around here somewhere who’d be happy to hire him with that kind of logical thinking.

  2. carlycatastrophe


  3. I miss Charlie at school, what are you all doing now? We are thinking of homeschooling our 2.

  4. Hey Yvonne. I miss TNS a lot. I would keep them there if you can, over the homeschooling.

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