Fabulous Prize Alert

I’ve spoken on Facebook quite a lot about the wonderful work of the Vermont Haiti Project.    My aunt, Kimball Butler, became involved with them about five years ago, and has been back several times each year through VHP since then.

Vermont Haiti Project works with a small community in the Port au Prince area.  It’s a grass roots, community to community effort.  They’ve helped raise money to build a building for a school.  They’ve gathered goods together and arranged a shipping container delivery.  They’ve put together a water filtration project.  Long term goals include sustainable energy projects and community gardens, if I understand Kim correctly.

A lot of that is on hold now.  Although they are not as much in the news as they’ve been, Haiti remains in crisis.  Kim’s been twice since January 12th, and tonight sat down to share where she’s been, and what she’s seen.

Although I suspect that she’d hate me saying it, that she will hate me making this story of Haiti remotely about her, I’m going to do it anyway.  I am in awe of my Aunt Kim.  I look at the suffering in the world, and I get overwhelmed and feel helpless.  She knows, I think, that she can’t solve the whole thing.  So she looks at what she CAN do.  Her most recent trip to Haiti was about trying to get some tarps and tents to the community she works with.  The community of her friends, and family.

When I think of the work of VHP, and of Kim, the words of Mother Teresa ring so loud in my head that I can’t hide from them.  “We can do no great things.  Only small things with great love.”

This is, I think, the work of the Vermont Haiti Project.  To do small things with great love.

So.  You could win a prize!  GET TO THE PRIZE.

I’m asking my friends and family to make a donation to the Vermont Haiti Project.  You can’t afford something big, you say?  That’s GREAT.  Do a small thing with great love.  Go here and make a donation to VHP.  They take paypal, or Visa or Mastercard.  Isn’t that awesome and convenient?  I think it’s awesome and convenient!

Once you’ve made your donation, post a comment to this entry.  We’ll do this through next Friday, March 5.  On March 6, when I wake up, I’ll assign random numbers to all the comments, and I will call my sainted mother, and have her pick a number between one and the total number of comments.

Winner gets $100 bucks PLUS, I will ask you privately for your donation amount and contact info, and I will match your donation, up to $50.00.

And we will have done a small thing.  With, I hope, great love.

Update:  I’m changing the rules a little.  Instead of matching your gift up to 50 dollars, I’ll be making a donation that equals your gift + 50 dollars, on gifts up to $50.00.  So if you donate a dollar, I’ll donate $51.  You donate 50, I’ll donate 100.  $100.00 gift still goes to the winner, no matter what they ask for.  If you want to re-donate, then that’s GREAT.  But you’re still getting the impressive hand decorated envelope.

Update: Updating to see how this publicize to Facebook feature is working.


7 responses to “Fabulous Prize Alert

  1. I think you a wonderful! I am also in awe of your Aunt and in awe of the amazing work they are doing. I have offered my help and would love to go with them if they have a trip going sometime this summer. I have made a donation before and will make one again. Once I do, I will post another comment. Not so I can win the prize, but I promise if I do that the money I win will go back to VHP. Love you Ames, you are as amazing as Kimball.

  2. Nah – I do small things with great whining.

  3. Sometimes it’s the small things that make the difference. With or without the whining.

  4. I donated again, thanks to your impetus. I’m taking myself out of contention for the big $$, because, of course, once again, I am the arbiter. Love you, Ames.

  5. We had lunch with the ‘rents in FL yesterday and they were telling of your Haiti Project. Having met your Aunt Kim,you need to know that she has two more supporters and fans! She does do magnificent work! If our # comes up…please just add the gift to the Haiti project …thanks, Amy! Hope someday to meet you in person. C

  6. Amy — Thanks so much for pointing out this opportunity to donate to your Haiti Project. Such good work!

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