About Me

I am Amy.  I like words.  Sometimes I write them.

I have opinions.  They are usually loud.  Sometimes they include profanity.

I have kids.  They amuse me.  Sometimes I tell stories about them.

I have a job.  I like it.  Sometimes I vent about it.

I watch movies.  I like some and hate others.  Sometimes if I really like or hate one, I’ll tell you about it.

I just found out I’m more creative than I thought.  If I create something, I may like it enough to share it.

I waste a lot of time on the internet.  Sometimes I have to share stuff with someone, because it’s either really good, or really bad.  I post links.

I get a little obsessive about gardening sometimes.  Then I post pictures of vegetables.

I love to cook.  Sometimes I improvise.  Then I post the recipe so I don’t forget it.

There are other things about me.  Read and learn.


One response to “About Me

  1. Hello Amy, haven’t heard from you in a really long time. How’s that practice going?

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