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Julie & Julia and What’s for dinner….

Because we’re up to the minute around here, Scott & I watched “Julie & Julia” yesterday morning.

I really liked it, as did Scott, who wondered aloud if it meant that he was actually turning into a woman, given his propensity for chick flicks.

It was, natch, Meryl Streep’s movie.  Amy Adams’ Julie, in all frankness, was just someone I wouldn’t really want to know.  Perky and narcissistic and bleh.  I also kind of hated the cloying way she referred to Child as “Julia” throughout, like she was talking to, or about a friend.  Yeah yeah – Julia Child saved her life and gave her direction.  Whatever.  It bugged me.

What I loved, though, was the love story between Paul & Julia Child, a level of passion and intimacy not often seen in films about characters of a certain age.

Also fun, playing pause the flick until Scott can identify the actress when Jane Lynch showed up.  He couldn’t do it.  I had to switch over to a recorded episode of Glee to get him to finally go “Wait!  Is that Sue Sylvester?  Wow!  I can’t see it!  I can’t see it!”

The character that really caught my imagination, though, was Child’s recipe for beef bourginon which features prominently in the movie.  It looked so good that I was excited when Scott’s service call took him out to West Chester, in the vicinity of my favorite fancy market for ingredients.  (Thus tossing all my vegetarian resolutions straight out the window).  It was good, and simple, albeit time consuming, to make.

My Christmas was fairly kitchen related, and the new enameled cast iron pot is getting quite a workout.  Scottie got me a good set of knives (my first good set ever) and I am just chopping and peeling and dicing up a storm.

Tonight it’s back to the resolutions, and for dinner it’s pan seared polenta with spicy tomato sauce for dinner.


7 Random Things

I got tagged by Embee.  She’s a pain.

1. I just sneezed all over my cell phone.

2. Testosterone baffles me.  My husband and son are shooting at an old squash with a potato gun.  I don’t get it.

3. I like even numbers better than odd numbers.

4. I would die for my family, but I would not kill for them.

5. I think 3-4 year old boys are the most exotic creatures on the planet, but not in a creepy way.

6. I have an extra toenail on the little toe on my left foot.

7. I care more about things than I appear to.

Confidential to My Hoity Toity Decorator

How about this set for the reception area?


My phone rings at 2:15 on a Friday afternoon at my office.  It is my boss, calling from the Philadelphia office.

"Amy – I don’t want to worry you, but Charlie just called here for you."

"I’m sorry about that.  He must have used the speed dial."

"Well, I just wanted you to know, because it sounded important."

Oh, dear, my little love, home sick from school.  So, of course, I called home immediately.

"Charlie, Carl just said you called him.  Where’d you get the number?"

"It’s in the phone.  Mom, did you get my message?"

"No.  Is everything alright?"

"Yes.  I left you a message.  When you come home, will you pick up some rubber bands?  I’m making a rubber band ball…"


"I didn’t say it was important"

My Heart Aches

This story about two pre-teen boys who have killed themselves mimicking the execution of Saddam Hussein is heartbreaking.

The death penalty is barbaric.  Barbarism hurts us all, sending little ripples of gruesome out to the edges of the pond of humanity.

Can we come up with another way to solve our conflicts, guys?  Please?

Let’s Go to the Movies!

I’m starting a new review site.  Right now, I’m watching a lot of movies, and so, I’m starting with movie reviews, but I plan to use it for reviews of anything I feel like reviewing.  Maybe even you!

Check it out.

Monday Evening 6 pm

beep beep beep beep beep

Me: Charlie, why are you disarming the shop?

Charlie: I have to get a shovel…

Me: Why?

Charlie: I have to dig a hole.

Me: Oh