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Looks like He’d Vote Republican. (For Margie)

Driving Charlie to the bus this morning, we were talking about the election, and I asked who he’d vote for.

“Whichever one is going to speed up global warming.”  He said.

“So, your main issue is?”

“I’m cold.”


The Long and Winding Road

The most amazing thing about our trip so far is that we left on time.  I ended up driving through the night which earned me a lecture from my mother.  But it really happened quite logically.

When we got to Toledo, it was only 10:30, and I wasn’t really tired, and figured that I could make Saturday’s 17 hour day a little bit shorter by heading on to Elkhart.  But Elkhart was closer than I’d thought, and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s waking up in Indiana, so I pushed through to Chicago, to avoid driving through the horrible Chicago daytime traffic.

And then, of course, we aren’t going to pay Chicago prices for a hotel room, and, by the time we’re through Chicago, well, you might as well just drive through.

My mother’s lecture is impervious to the logic of this.

The sun came up over the Wisconsin Dells, and we were into my favorite part of the trip, where it gets a little earlier every couple of hours, and the landscape is always changing twisting morphing into something bigger than you are, something that makes you wish you could see the history of time in its proper perspective, and that if you could, you would know the meaning of life.  This is what South Dakota does to me, always.

Scott told us the things he knows about how the landscape is formed, and the Indians that lived there before we got there, and we wondered about the travellers from the east, seeing that landscape for the first time, and the people who were already there when they got there.

On Saturday evening we’d finally had it, and couldn’t make it on to Billings, like we’d hoped, and we stopped in Sheridan Wyoming.  Television in Wyoming is better than television in Delaware, because it includes a whole channel of guys riding the bucking broncos and television is always better if there is a chance, however remote, that someone might die.  There was one guy that got kicked in the head by a bull, and they showed that clip over and over.  Which would make football better, I think, if there were more replays of guys getting kicked in the head by bulls.  And the rodeo guys, they aren’t wusses like football players, because instead of helmets, they wear cowboy hats, which provide zero protection from getting kicked in the head by bulls.

Sunday we drove to my Mom and Dad’s, and even though it was a five hour drive, it seemed quite easy, in comparison.